Bring your business to Hereford, Texas, and you'll find a community
that is positioned for the future while retaining the solid values and ethics of the past.

Preserving the traditions of the Texas pioneers, Hereford nurtures the independent spirit and rugged individualism that will make businesses and communities successful into the next century.

Incentives that make it very attractive for new businesses to choose Hereford include:

  • Located in the heart of the nation and the largest cattle feeding area
  • Excellent transportation system
  • Land and building incentives include build and lease-back arrangements
  • Tax abatements
  • Enterprise zone

Hereford has a reputation as a hard-working and outgoing community.

Residents enjoy a climate of warm, bright summers and cool winters, contributing to a long growing season.

 In Hereford, the people are progressive and forward-looking, but have firm roots in the strong traditions of the past. An excellent school system, well-attended churches, and family-centered lifestyles all provide a nurturing atmosphere for the people of the community. Citizens are known for enthusiasm and dedication to their community and their lives.