Physical Features: Panhandle High Plains county, partly broken; chocolate and sandy loam soils; drains to Palo Duro and Tierra Blanca creeks.

Economy: meat packers; offset printing; ethanol; beef production; other varied industries, mostly agribusiness.

History: Created 1876, from Bexar District; organized 1890. Named for famed scout in the Texas Revolution, Erastus (Deaf) Smith.

Recreation: Hereford has several excellent parks, an 18-hole golf course, a museum, and the Aquatic Center. In addition, Hereford is within easy driving distance of Palo Duro State Park, several lakes and the beautiful skiing slopes of New Mexico.

Agriculture: One of the leading farm counties; large cattle feedlot operations; crops are sorghums, wheat, oats. barley, beets, corn, cotton, onions, other vegetables, sunflowers; 205,000 acres irrigated.